Dat Beard Game Doe

Chad is like, my notion of the "quality build." He's Mario in Smash Bros, or Snake in Peace Walker. All his stats are slightly above average, and none are extreme. I dig characters like that as leader figures. Robin's my favorite Teen Titan.

Seems like that was more of a thing in the 80s and 90s: Mel Gibson, Kurt Russel, Harrison Ford and shit--scruffy regular dudes scrambling around and blowing crap up. When I was an undergrad, Charles Baxter told me that stories now are more about collectives, social groups and inner lives and stupid bullshit like that. They used to be about strong individualists walking around, making things happen, not giving a shit what other fuckers think. I'd take David Copperfield over Katniss Everdeen any day.

I guess I like big dumb idiots. Maybe I am one.

Sincerely and Most Certain True,

Sir Jacob Anthony del Montesque, Esq.


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