Even Godkings Are Butts at Their Jobs

This project is interesting for us, because most things we've tried to make in the past have been either traditional print comics with 6-ish frames per page and dramatic stories, or 3-frame gag strips. We're kind of combining the two here. Though we do lean toward the lulz, I've also got dramatic ideas coming down the line which will be fun to try out. We opted with 3 frames per page, basically because it takes eek way fucking longer to draw a page than it takes me to write it. After struggling for years at mega-ambitious magnum opi, we decided we'd rather narrow our ideas in scope and, y'know, actually ever finish anything.

This gag arose from my experience working shitty retail jobs. At first you think it must just be the minimum-wage high schoolers who suck donkey chode, but then you meet the goddamn district manager or CEO, and they're also a poop from a butthole.

Fuck capitalism, man. YOU CAN'T OWN AN IDEA. INFORMATION WANTS TO BE FREE. #RichardStallman #NeckBeards #DudesWhoMoanInBathrooms

- Jake


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